“Oh, my God!” The surprise shown by Jimmy Kimmel’s children when Olivia Rodrigo boarded their school bus.

Olivia Rodrigo stunned Kimmel’s kids by joining them on the journey, since they usually listen to the pop artist on their way to school.

Just a select few people, including Olivia Rodrigo, can make the trip to school one of the happiest days ever.

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly surprised their son Billy, 6, and daughter Jane, 9, as they were leaving for school on Tuesday’s broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Querying whether they were eager to “learn anything new in class today,” Jane retorted. I dislike going to school.”

There’s a fellow traveller up here, Jimmy suddenly remarked, thinking of changing the day, and he himself came to Olivia Rodrigo . “Billy, my God. Jen said under her breath, “That’s Olivia Rodrigo, as the Guts actress climbed into the backseat. The children of Kimmel and Molly sang Billy’s song, “Get Him Back!” When they had recovered from their first shock that one of the biggest pop musicians in the world had stopped working and was still there, including Jane’s favorite song, Ballad of a Home schooled Girl, Billy clearly said he would punch her in the penis if he returned her to Olivia Rodrigo .

Isn’t this karaoke in the car? In the video, Olivia Rodrigo made a joke. Kimmel came to the realization, “Oh crap, we’re going to get sued. “

On the YouTube show Recess Therapy in September, Rodrigo had the opportunity to meet Olivia, one of his biggest admirers. In the scene, Olivia Rodrigo praised Guts as “one of the finest albums you’ve ever come across” and subsequently praised Rodrigo as “one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen.” I know there were others, but they were very, really young and childlike. And you were like the first one. But as soon as I saw you, I knew you were the world’s greatest artist, and I was certain I would run across him when I was older.


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